10 Best 'Martin Luther King' Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Martin Luther King is known the world over as an influential social reformer and activist in USA, who was instrumental in the American Civil Rights Movement. He was assassinated during his campaign for equal rights for African American people in the US.

Knowing more about this great man will be a good history lesson for your kid. Why don’t you introduce the knowledge with the help of some coloring pages? Here is our collection for your child.

The 10 Best Martin Luther King Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

This set of Martin Luther King coloring pages free to print are apt for children who are slightly older, to be able to comprehend the contributions made by this

man. The Martin Luther King coloring sheets showcase the influential leader in a number of moods and poses.

1. Martin Luther King – The Man:

The picture showcases Martin Luther King lost deep in his thoughts.

  • Martin Luther was a great man with greater thoughts and beliefs. He always believed in discerning the truth from false.
  • Your kid will get to experiment with skin tones for this picture.

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2. Martin Luther King ‘I Have A Dream’:

This picture showcases Martin Luther King giving his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech.

  • The ‘I have a dream’ is one of the best speeches all over the world and covered issues concerning race and equality.
  • Your kid can use bright colors to give this image a bold look.

3. Martin Luther In A Suit:

This picture highlights Martin Luther King with numbers attached to him to make coloring easy for your kid.

  • Martin Luther entered college when he was just 15 – an inspiration for kids everywhere in the world.
  • The numbers in the picture indicate the colors to be used in those specific sections.

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4. Martin Luther With The American Flag:

This picture showcases Martin Luther holding a rose against the backdrop of the American flag.

  • Martin Luther received in doctorate in theology – studies involving religion.
  • This picture is apt for children who are a little more mature – around the age of 10 or 11 years.

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5. Martin Luther Orate:

The coloring page showcases Martin Luther giving a speech.

  • King gave a number of speeches before his death – around 50.
  • This picture will help your kid build focus when coloring.

6. Martin Luther King Day:

This picture highlights the ‘Martin Luther King Day’ banner.

  • King’s birthday is observed in the US as ‘Martin Luther King Day’ on January 15thevery year.
  • This picture can be used as a poster once colored.

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7. Jubilant Martin Luther:

This picture highlights a happy miniature version of Martin Luther.

  • It highlights his birthday – January 15th.
  • This image will build better hand-eye coordination.

8. Martin Luther King Message:

This picture showcases a message from Martin Luther King.

  • The message is from his poem ‘My Own Two Hands’.
  • You can show your kid a video of Martin Luther King giving a speech.

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9. Martin Luther King Parade:

This picture showcases a group of people taking out banners on his special day.

  • People celebrate Martin Luther King Day with much festivity.
  • Help your kid choose colors for the picture in case they may be new to it.

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10. Martin Luther King And The Church:

This image showcases a huge church with an image of Martin Luther King in the background.

  • The image will give your kid some insightful information about Martin Luther King.
  • This image can be colored as used as a history lesson for your kid.

These free printable Martin Luther King coloring pages online are definitely something you should engage your child in because it highlights an important historical figure that deserves mention. Also, the information provided is important for the growth of your kid especially if he has history as a subject in school.

Moms, do let us know which of these Martin Luther King coloring pictures was your kid’s favorite in the section below!

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