Birth Defects – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments

Birth Defects

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It is definitely an exciting time for you and your family when a newborn baby adds the headcount of your family. There are no words to describe the feeling that you get when you see and hold your newborn in your arms and the feeling of happiness associated with it.

However, the irony of the practicality might hit you when you witness your newborn arrive into this beautiful world with one or more defects in his or her body. Sometimes, it is a difficult situation when some parents realize this post birth, and, in some extreme cases, may be told about the impending few days left with the baby.

This is why understanding birth defects become crucial for parents.

What Are Birth Defects?

At the time of birth, there can be functional or structural abnormalities of body parts and organs in a baby. These cause mental or physical disabilities and are referred to as birth defects. Few of these defects happen to be the cause of occurrence of death, even before the baby passes its first birt


What Are The Causes Of Birth Defects?

Generally there are various causes such as genes, chromosomes and environmental effects which can trigger birth defects in a baby.

  • Genetic issues arising out of the malfunction found in either your genes or your spouse’s genes.
  • Problems related to the chromosomes.
  • Adverse effects of the region where you lived, during the period of your pregnancy, can be one of the major causes.
  • The bad effects of some medicinal drugs, tobacco, cigarettes or alcohol consumption during pregnancy are one of the fatal causes.

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Common Types Of Birth Defects:

There are many types of birth defects that can occur in your baby. These mainly happen if you have some malfunctioning gene or maintained bad habits during your pregnancy.

1. Structural Defects:

These defects at birth involve the malfunctioning or problems related to your baby’s body parts. Some of the common types which fall under this category are:

  • Cleft lip.
  • Defects in baby’s heart.
  • Abnormal state of your baby’s feet.
  • Defects in the neural tube.

2. Functional Defects At Birth:

The functional birth defects can cause your baby’s body to have a malfunctioning body which would be reflected in her physical stature as a whole.

  • These problems can retard the development of natural abilities of your new born baby.
  • It leaves a lasting impact on your new born baby.
  • The functional birth defects fall in to different categories.

Common Categories Of Functional Birth Defects:

There are many birth defects related to your baby’s nervous system or the brain. Each of these defects is distinct and have their own separate causes and symptoms associated with it.

1. Learning Disability:

This birth defect can cause certain learning problems in your baby.

a. The symptoms:

Your baby would face one or more of these symptoms:

  • Experiencing trouble to learn the alphabets, numerical or rhyming words.
  • Late learning of language and limited vocabulary.
  • Unable to understand what she is reading or writing.
  • Struggles to put the ideas into papers.
  • No knowledge regarding how to approach a task and how to complete it.

b. The Causes:

One or more of these would be the underlying cause of triggering learning disability in your baby:

  • Abnormalities of chromosomes.
  • Complications at the time of birth leading to lack of supply of oxygen to the brain of the new born.
  • Premature birth.
  • Prolonged and acute illness or injury during your baby’s early childhood stage.
  • Following an unhealthy lifestyle during your pregnancy.

c. Treatments:

You can follow these remedies to overcome this birth defect:

  • Adopting special education methodology.
  • Boosting the self-esteem of your baby.
  • Regular sessions with speech therapists.