10 Best Winx Club Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Fairies and fairy tales are a cherished part of childhood. Every child has a favourite fairy tale character and we are sure your child has one too!

If your kid loves one of the famed warrior-fairy characters of Winx Club world, give your child these Winx club coloring sheets. Watch her spend countless joyous hours coloring them and allowing you ample of time to complete the house chores in the mean time.

Best 10 Winx Club Coloring Pages For Kids:

Winx Club is Italian animation fantasy TV show, mixed with comedy and action. It is about three special schools that educate fairies, supernatural warriors, witches, and wizards from all over the magical world. H

ere are some winx club coloring pages to print that will make your kid go ga-ga over coloring her favorite Winz Club series characters!

1. All The Fairies:

In this picture, the fairies are wishing a merry Christmas to all! Kids can have a gala time coloring all the fairies together.

  • The Santa caps, Christmas trees printed on the dresses give them a different look.
  • You can have this image printed and make it a part of Christmas gifts.

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2. Stella, With Power Of Sunshine:

The Winx club characters are one of the cutest and most stylish fairies in the fairy land! Here is Stella, the fairy of shining sun and stars.

  • Stella is characterized with a star in her hair and fashionable attire.
  • Her name is printed on the image, which kids can color and practice writing.

3. Stars On Wings:

Another image of Stella, complete with starry wings.

  • Known as the most stylish fairy of the club, Stella has blonde hair and her favourite color is green. So kids must keep these details in mind while coloring the image.
  • You can add some glitter to the picture by giving kids sparkle paint to fill in the stars on the wings.

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4. Music In The Air:

This image has Musa, the music fairy. Music-loving kids will surely identify with her.

  • This is a fun filled image of Musa, with music notes flying all about the fairy. There are even small guitars flying in the air.
  • You can also teach the kids about the different musical notes as they get introduced to the fairy of music.

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5. The Watery Fairy:

Aisha is the fairy of the water and waves, and a favorite of most Winx Club fans.

  • This is one of the winx club coloring pictures that shows Aisha in a wavy avatar with crystal like droplets falling all around.
  • She has dark brown hair and likes the color green.

6. The Flowery Fairy:

Meet Flora, who is the fairy of nature, in the world of Winx club.

  • She has brown hair and green eyes, and she likes the color pink. So make sure kids use all these colors while filling in this image.
  • The pretty flowers in the braid and the flowery dress of the fairy give scope for creativity.

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7. Princess Of Dragon Fire:

This page features Bloom, who is the pioneer of the Winx Club.

  • Having the power of dragon fire, she is seen here in all her might, holding a fiery wand.
  • She has bright orange hair and blue eyes.

8. The Dancing Fairy:

Musa is seen dancing here, probably to hip hop music which she loves.

  • The page has a sketch of Musa, along with a colorful image. So, kids can get an idea of what colors to use and can follow the same.
  • After the kids color the image, you can have some entertainment by putting on music and teaching a few steps to your kids.

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9. The Fairy Of Earth:

Roxy is the Fairy princess featured in this page. She is a great hit with girls!

  • She is the fairy of Earth with power over animals. This is shown with a paw printed on her shirt.
  • She has pink hair with blonde streaks and has beautiful blue eyes.

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10. Technology On Wings:

Tecna, the princess of technology, is perhaps the most contemporary fairy of the Winx Club.

  • Just like her tech savvy character, she has a trendy look with electric blue eyes and fuchsia hair. So kids will have fun while filling the colors.
  • Kids can have a haircut like Tecna, and some accessories too. You can teach kids about some latest technologies too as they color this image.

Each of the Winx Club fairies has a distinct character, which make them so special. With these free printable winx club coloring pages online, kids can get to know more about their loved fairies. Let us know how your kids enjoyed working on these winx club coloring sheets and create your own winx club coloring book. You can also share some ideas with us about coloring activities.