7 Easy Tips To Tackle Emotional Changes During Pregnancy

emotional changes during pregnancy

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The very news of pregnancy involves plenty of emotional experiences. You feel delighted, anxious and sometimes mixed feelings cloud your heart and mind. You may be surprised to feel emotional about your pregnancy. You may not know how to react.

If the answer to all these are YES, then don’t worry as you are not alone! We have prepared a small guide for you to read and understand why these emotional changes occur and what possible things you can do to handle them.

Emotional Changes During Pregnancy:

Here are some emotional changes which you may experience during your pregnancy. All these are connected to the hormonal upsurge going inside your body.

1. Dreams:

You may find your dreams pretty strange in pregnancy. Here are some dreams and thoughts which occurs in women in different stages of pregnancy:

  • In the first trimester, mothers generally worry about losing their baby. You need not worry about these unfounded fears, as these are absolutely normal.
  • In the second trimester, you may be anxious about the thought of the arrival of your baby. You may be worried about the labor and birth at this stage.
  • You may have weird dreams about the sex of your baby, about being assaulted or trapped. You can speak about this to your doctor for a proper analysis.

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2. Mood Swings During Pregnancy:

If you are experiencing mood swings in pregnancy, it is the result of metabolic changes, fatigue, stress and role of the hormones like progesterone and estrogen.

Let us have a detailed look:

  • Changes in the hormonal levels affect the neurotransmitter level that regulates mood.
  • You may experience mood swings in the 6th to 10th week, and in the 3rd trimester of your pregnancy.
  • There is nothing to worry about these mood swings, as you are not the first woman experiencing these changes. Once you acknowledge that the experiences you are going through are normal, you will start feeling much better.

If you feel that your stress levels are pretty high, here are some things you can do about it:

  • Take a walk with your partner
  • Take a nap
  • Relax and do not be too hard on yourself
  • Get some physical activities
  • Spend quality time together
  • Go for a massage
  • Take meditation classes
  • You may seek professional help if none of the above solutions help

3. Chronic Depression During Pregnancy:

Depression is common among some women during pregnancy. Again, there is nothing to worry about it. Things get better after child birth.

Here are some symptoms of depression that you should be aware of:

  • Change in eating patterns
  • Feelings of anxiousness
  • Irritability
  • Loss of memory
  • Inability to concentrate on something for long

If you find you are getting into chronic depression, you can seek help from professionals.

How To Handle Emotional Changes?

You will be mistaken to think that your pregnancy is going to be nothing, but a roller coaster of emotions. There will be ups and downs, but will be within your manageable limits. Here are 7 effective tips for dealing with emotions during pregnancy:

1. All you need is an understanding and supportive partner to help you through.

2. You need to remember the experiences you are going through are something that all women feel when they were pregnant.

3. You should start enjoying this wonderful phase. Do not bother much about the physical and emotional changes during pregnancy.

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4. You must slowly prepare yourself for motherhood. Your lifestyle should now include this little bundle of joy. This is a big change for many.

5. Remember, it is normal to have second thoughts about your baby in any phase of your pregnancy.

6. Do not let this feeling overwhelm you. There is no need to think of you to be the worst or the poorest of all mothers.

7. You can feel relaxed by simply venting out your anxieties and stress to someone close to you. This will make the whole affair a lot easier for you.

Emotional changes occur all through the phase of your pregnancy. You can seek medical help if the psychological problems are interfering with your daily life. But remember these changes are normal and part of pregnancy.

The most important aspect for you now should be to share your experiences with your partner and enjoy this amazing experience together.

Moms share with us the emotional changes in pregnancy you underwent in the comment section below.

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