Top 10 Letter ‘U’ Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Learn & Color


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Alphabets are the building blocks of education and kids spend a lot of time learning about alphabets and words that are formed with them.

To make this learning process interesting, you can take the help of coloring activities.

Letter U Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

We have compiled a bunch of interesting and engaging letter u coloring sheets for your kids. These are based on ‘U’ which is the 22nd alphabet and is useful to children of different ages.

1. Capital And Small:

Let’s start with a simple image of U:

  • This page shows both capital and small ‘U’ which is good for kids who are learning alphabets.
  • There is also the word unicorn written at the bottom with a picture of the
  • This will help your child to learn to spell the word, as well as recognize the mystic animal.

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2. Coloring Maze:

This is bit complicated. It is best suited for children above 4 years.

  • In this page, your kids have to find out and color just the alphabet ‘U’.
  • By filling color in each small ‘U’ they will make a large ‘U’ in the picture.
  • Ask your child to count how many U he or she can see in the picture. This will help your child in counting.

3. Rain, Rain Go Away:

Another word can be learnt from this page.

  • Here is a cute kid with an umbrella in his hand, checking for rain drops.
  • The alphabet ‘U’ is also there in both small and capital.
  • The word umbrella is written here, which your kids will learn to spell.

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4. Jumping Unicorn:

This one is a funny unicorn which will surely make your kids laugh.

  • A cartoon unicorn is seen jumping over the letter U. It resembles a race horse.
  • You can tell them about the mythological animal and tell a few stories featuring unicorns.

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5. All Words In A ‘U’:

This image is for kids who can notice and color small details. It will keep them engaged for a long time.

  • There is a large U, with an interesting flowery pattern with intricate details.
  • Various objects, starting with ‘U’ are printed in the alphabet. There is a UFO, umbrella, underwear, etc.
  • Kids have to locate and identify these objects and then color them using their creativity.
  • They will also learn the names of these objects and how to spell them.

6. ‘U’ In The Kitchen:

You can use this to teach your kids about utensils.

  • Here is a fork, spoon and knife – the utensils used every day on the table.
  • Your kids will be able to identify them easily.
  • The letter ‘u’ is written at the bottom, along with the word utensils.
  • This will help your kids learn the spelling of the word.

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7. Dora’s Umbrella:

Here is another way for your kid to learn U for umbrella.

  • This picture shows Dora standing with her umbrella.
  • Especially kids who love Dora will find this picture interesting to color.

8. The United States Of America:

This image shows the outline map of United States.

  • It is easy for your kid to color as it is just an outline and even memorize the place United State of America.
  • While he or she colors, you can tell your kid that US is a federal republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district.

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9. Uncle Sam:

This image shows Uncle Sam pointing finger towards your kid to remember him!

  • This picture is another way for your kid to learn letter U and word associated with it ‘Uncle’.
  • Help your kid to color this image as he may find difficulty in choosing color.

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10. ‘U’ For Uniform:

The picture shows U stands for ‘Uniform’.

  • While your kid colors, teach him to differentiate between capital and small letter U.
  • You can also show your kid’s school uniform so that he can remember it easily.

These were some easy and fun free printable letter u coloring pages online. We are sure your kid will love coloring these letter u pictures to color and learn the various things the pages teach.

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