Top 10 Starfish Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Sea world fascinates kids. The fact that there is another world deep down there itself is exciting enough for kids to love sea creatures. What largely attracts kids to sea creatures is the fact that they don’t get to see them too often like the animals they see at the zoo or in a farm.

Amongst the sea creatures, starfishes are popular amongst kids. They generate a lot of curiosity and interest amongst kids due to their radial symmetry. If your kid too is adventurous and loves sea creatures here is a perfect activity for him – the top 10 Starfish coloring sheets.

Top 10 Starfish Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

There are quite a lot of interesting facts about starfish that would su

rely catch your kid’s imagination. Share these facts with your kid as he enjoys coloring these pages. Check out 10 starfish coloring pages printable for your kids:

1. Smiling Starfish:

Your kid would be glad to begin his coloring session with this smiley starfish.

  • It may come as a surprise, but starfish is not a fish, it is an echinoderm.
  • They are named so because of their shape.

2. Basic Starfish:

This is a more real-looking starfish picture.

  • Starfishes are found in almost all the oceans across the world.
  • Tell your kid that these are found in shallow waters but never in freshwaters.

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3. Underwater Sea Creatures:

The next picture shows different starfish creatures underwater.

  • Kids love coloring underwater scene so your kid will surely enjoy coloring this one.
  • You can tell your kid that on an average, a starfish lives for about 35 years when in the wild.

4. Starfish With Fishes:

Here is a picture showing a happy starfish under the sea with happy fishes around.

  • You must tell your kid that starfishes do not have blood inside their bodies.
  • Their body is equipped with a water vascular system. They pump sea water into their bodies through a special plate.

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5. Starfishes On The Shore:

The next picture shows different starfishes by the sea shore.

  • It might interest your kid to know that a starfish can regenerate its arms when it loses one.
  • The five-armed starfish is the most common one. Few of their species have around 10, 20 and as many as 40 arms too.

6. Crab, Dolphin, Squid, Seahorse And Starfish:

Here is a picture showing the marine family.

  • This picture can help your kid associate these creatures to the under the sea world.
  • A fun fact about starfish is that its mouth is right under its upper surface.

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7. Funny Starfish On The Beach:

Here is a fun rendition of a starfish enjoying his drink on the beach.

  • Such pictures always catch kids’ attention for their funny and comic appearance.
  • Your kid might be surprised and startled to know that starfishes have two stomachs.

8. Three Starfishes:

Here are three little starfishes for your kid to enjoy coloring.

  • Ask your kid to color the tiny circles on the starfishes using different colors.
  • Your kid will be more than shocked to know that starfishes do not have brains.

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9. Dancing Starfish:

If your kid enjoys dancing, he will be pleased to color this dancing starfish.

  • An amazing fact about starfishes is that they can change their gender anytime they want.
  • Starfishes can eat preys that are even bigger than these little sea stars’ mouth.

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10. Girl On The Beach With Starfish:

Here is small cute girl, dressed in her beach gear, holding a starfish in her hand.

  • The surface of a starfish’s body is made up of skeleton of bones.
  • Their body surface is leathery and they have lots of spikes or thorns which help them protect themselves.

The under-the-sea world is extremely fascinating and it often amazes kids. You must tell your kid how undersea creatures are endangered and need to be preserved.

We hope your kid enjoys free printable starfish coloring pages online as much as we enjoyed collating it for him.