Is It Safe To Eat Shrimp During Pregnancy?


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Being an expectant mother, you must know that pregnancy demands optimal nutrition. Together with this you will also experience weird cravings! Don’t worry, this is a common scenario most women faces.

If you are dying to have sea foods like shrimps, you need to exercise extra caution. But, is it safe to eat shrimp during pregnancy? Well, Excessive intake of shrimps can result in undesirable consequences for you as well the unborn baby in your womb.

However, the Food and Drug Administration consider shrimps to be absolutely safe in pregnancy. In fact, you can consume about 8-12 ounces of this sea food every week.

Here is a small guide on eating shrimp during pregnancy only for you would be mommy!

Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Shrimps During Pregnancy:

Aquatic animals contain high levels of mercury that poses threat particularly when you are pregnant. Apart from this, shrimps are delicious no doubt. In fact these sea foods are rich in essential nutrients as well.

Let’s have a closer look:

  • Shrimps are rich in protein that helps in normal growth and development of your unborn baby.
  • This seafood is rich in iron that you need in abundance at this time.
  • Shrimps contain omega-3 fatty acids that aid brain development in your child.
  • Consumption of shrimps in moderate amounts helps reducing risks such as premature delivery.

Unsupervised intake can affect nervous system of your baby and result in still birth as well. Thus, follow guidelines stated by FDA and EPA when it comes to consuming sea foods.

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For Your Information:

You must never consume sea foods raw! Raw shrimps or oysters are completely to be avoided at this time. There are plenty of other guidelines that you must follow while taking shrimp during pregnancy to be on the safe side. Here are some:

  • Sea foods get contaminated with worms and parasites that may cause potential harm to you or the baby developing inside you.
  • Antibiotics and lixteria are some harmful bacteria that are commonly found in shrimps. These have the potential of causing miscarriages.
  • Thus you should cook shrimps at 74 degrees as bacteria fails to survive in this heat.
  • Carefully inspect all the edges and ensure they are well cooked.

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Shrimp Cooking Tips:

Keeping in mind the basic cooking tips will not only retain the taste, but also reduce the risk factors.

Here are some of the cooking tips you can follow:

  • If you have stored shrimps in the refrigerator, make sure to thaw it completely.
  • You must not use the microwave, while preparing shrimps.
  • Proper thawing helps remove the intestinal track and the vein at the back from the shrimp.
  • You can devein after thawing with the help of a pointed utensil.
  • Use warm water to clean the shrimp.
  • Boiling it is the best method of cooking.
  • You must make it a point to boil shrimps.
  • Apart from cooking well, you must also ensure it is stored well.

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Shrimp In The Form Of Paste:

Shrimps in the form of paste are a very popular option that you can try. Make sure you are not taking it raw.

  • Many countries in Asia use shrimp paste condiments in their daily diets.
  • You can buy them in raw form from the grocery stores and then cook them at home.
  • You can serve winged beans, rice, fruit salads with the shrimp paste.

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Remember to eat a balanced diet in pregnancy and enjoy this wonderful phase. Talk to your doctor before adding shrimps to your diet. Also, follow the safety guidelines and keep at bay all worries.

Moms, tell us what you prepared with shrimps in your pregnancy in the comment section below.

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