25 Beautiful Lisa Frank Coloring Pages For Your Little Girl

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Lisa Frank is an American businessperson and the founder of Lisa Frank Incorporated. She is famous for bright neon and rainbow colored stylized depiction of animals, like pandas, unicorns, dogs and dolphins.

Her unique range of colorful images appears on various school supplies and accessories for girls. Lisa Frank lunchboxes and stickers are very popular with schoolchildren.

Top 15 Lisa Frank Coloring Pages For Kids:

Lisa Frank coloring sheets are very popular among kids, especially girls. The innovative designs and vivid colorations allow the children to explore their imagination. Let’s take a look at the popular works of Lisa Frank.

1. Hunter:

The adorable animal you see in this coloring sh

eet is Hunter, the rainbow leopard. He is usually found wandering and playing in the lush tropical forest of the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank.

  • Hunter is a charmer in the true sense. He can brighten even the dullest of days with his cheerful personality.
  • Hunter loves colorful, tropical flowers and banana pie.

2. Spotty And Dotty:

This coloring sheet features the cute puppies Spotty and Dotty having a gala time at the beach.

  • Spotty and Dotty are the two painters of this magical world. Spotty is a cheerful little puppy that always has a smile on his face.
  • Dotty is an artistic and creative little puppy. She is quite bossy and makes her brother do things her way. She is also the one who gets Spotty out of trouble.

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3. Emerald:

This coloring sheet features adorable Emerald looking at the butterfly in amazement.

  • Emerald is the shy and sensitive deer of the Fantastic World of Lisa Frank. He is very fond of butterflies, flowers and a gentle warm breeze.
  • Emerald is depicted as the best friend of Forrest, the tiger who does everything to protect emerald from danger.

4. Glamor Girl:

Meet Glamor Girl, a fashionable woman who keeps her entire wardrobe organized by color. Your little princess will surely enjoy filling colors in the glamorous outfits of the Glamor Girl.

  • Glamor Girl is extremely fussy about her look and does not leave her house with even one strand of hair out of place.
  • She loves hanging around in her swanky boutique, Princess Panache. She wants to be a supermodel and appear on the cover of Lisa Frank’s magazines.

5. Markie:

This is Markie, a unicorn living in the clouds above the Fantastic Land of Lisa Frank.

  • Markie is a happy-go-lucky, adventurous unicorn who is not afraid of anything. He loves challenges and competition and strives to give his best.
  • Markie is a bright learner and wants to explore places where no other unicorn has been before.

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6. Ruckus, Raider And Risky:

This coloring sheet features Ruckus, Raider and Risky with their friends from the Fantastic Land of Lisa Frank. Your kid will surely enjoy coloring the cute scene.

  • Ruckus, Raider and Risky are healthy puppies, each weighing more than 100 pounds.
  • These carefree puppies love playing tug of war and chasing balls.

7. Skye:

This coloring sheet features Skye soaring in the clouds. Skye is a white colored Pegasus with multicolored wings.

  • Skye is extremely smart and creative and has the solution to every problem.
  • He loves telling stories to his friends.

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8. Max Splasher:

This cute dolphin lives in the Arctic sea region of the Fantastic Land of Lisa Frank. Max splash is a confident and fearless Dolphin who travels to the other seas to perform stunts.

  • Max Splasher’s goal is to perform the most amazing stunt anyone has ever seen. He wants to become the greatest acrobat ever.
  • Max Splasher likes anything that gives him a thrill, even if it is the most difficult thing to perform.

9. Angel:

Take your child for a trip to the Magical Land of Lisa Frank with this coloring sheet. It features Angel, a beautiful cat.

  • Angel is a sociable, smart and curious cat who is always ready to help her friends.
  • She is extremely tolerant, kind and is willing to give anyone a chance.

10. Bears:

This coloring sheet will make a great addition to any animal lover’s collection. It features two adorable bears eating honey.

  • This coloring sheet is a great way to introduce your child to these arctic animals.
  • These sociable bears are friends with everyone in the magical land. They love catching fish in their spare time.

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11. Kioko:

Here is a coloring sheet of Kioko, one of Lisa Frank’s most famous works. Allow your child to make this pretty Geisha girl look as colorful as possible.

  • Kioko has also graced the cover of the Lisa Frank’s coloring book.
  • Geishas are traditional Japanese performers trained in classical Japanese arts like music, dance and poetry. Teach your child more about this origin of Geisha with this coloring sheet.

12. Casey and Caymus:

Delight your little dog lover with the coloring sheet of Casey and Caymus. Casey and Caymus are busy conversing with some of their snail friends in the Fantastic Land of Lisa Frank.

  • Casey and Caymus love binging on ice cream sundae. They can have ice cream any time of the day.
  • They are extremely polite and kind to the other citizens of the magical land.

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13. Lisa Frank Kittens:

This coloring sheet features a pair of kittens hanging on an apple tree. The kittens have stripes on their body and face, which gives them an appearance of a tiger.

  • Ask your child to color these kittens in yellow and black. Do forget to color the floating clouds and chirpy birds.
  • You can also ask your child to give some cute names to this pair of playful kittens.

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14. American Cow Girl:

Meet Cowgirl, an energetic young girl who loves visiting different places on Apple Pie, her beloved horse.

  • She loves to hang out at the Rocking Rainbow Ranch, a place where she grew up.
  • The American Cow girl’s dream is to be the sheriff of the rainbow ranch.

15. Rock Star:

Here is the rock star of the Lisa Frank coloring book series. She is a sassy girl who loves playing rock guitar.

  • This Rockmart’s courage is not just limited to performing. She also has an extreme liking for sports.
  • You will mostly find her hanging around at the Rainbow recording studio. She wants to achieve super stardom and make it to the Lisa Frank the hall of fame.

These free printable Lisa frank coloring pages online are surely going to be a hit with your kids. Allow your children to experiment with various colors for these coloring sheets.

Hope you liked the article. Do let us know what you think about these Lisa frank coloring pages to print for free in the comment section below.

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