3 Serious Causes Of Protein In Urine During Pregnancy

protein in urine during pregnancy

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While you are pregnant, urine tests constitute a part of the regular pre-natal visit to check for infections and different conditions. Proteinuria or presence of protein in urine must be determined on time to ensure your kidney functions are normal.

Presence of protein in small amount when you are pregnant is normal. Again, sometimes protein in urine suggests dysfunction of kidney. However, presence of protein in your urine can also be related to stress, infection and other conditions that unearth with further evaluation.

Causes Of Protein In Urine During Pregnancy:

When you take a dip test you may find presence of protein in your urine. The presence is classified as + (low) to ++++ (high). Here are the probable causes:

1. Preeclampsia:

If you are suffering from this condition, it means you have high blood pressure in pregnancy. Here is what it means:

  • Preeclampsia is accompanied with presence of protein in urine along with water retention.
  • Your baby may have low birth
    weight in such case.
  • It is thus essential that you get yourself diagnosed in the early stages, so that your baby is not affected in any way.
  • Treatment procedures suggested include consumption of low salt diet, healthy food and taking part in regular exercises.

2. Urinary Tract Infection Or Kidney Infection:

Presence of protein in urine can also be because of urinary tract infections. Here is what you should check:

  • Do you get a frequent urge to urinate?
  • Do you experience discomforts while urinating?
  • Urinary tract infections must be treated promptly to avoid conditions like kidney infections that may surface in the form of back pains, vomiting, nausea and chills.
  • Infection in the urinary tract may also affect your baby. It generally leads to premature delivery and low birth weights.

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3. Other Factors That Lead To Presence Of Protein In Urine:

Apart from the major factors discussed above, there are other causes that lead to the presence of protein in urine. Here are some of them:

  • Excessive emotional stress
  • Exposure to high temperature
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Strenuous exercises

Further investigations reveal that factors such as leukaemia, lupus, chronic kidney disease, arthritis and diabetes may also give rise to complications like presence of protein in urine.

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Diagnosis For Protein In Urine During Pregnancy:

Regular prenatal visits can identify presence of protein in urine in pregnancy. Here is how the diagnosis process is carried on:

  • Presence of protein in urine may be a sign of urinary tract infection.
  • The urine is further tested in the laboratory to determine the type of infection.
  • Appropriate antibiotics are offered after considering your condition.
  • You may be asked to go for another urine test in the next appointment to see the levels of protein in urine during pregnancy.
  • The chances of developing preeclampsia increase when you are in your second or third trimester. You should be careful, as it can affect your baby.
  • Preeclampsia can increase blood pressure and affect normal kidney functioning.
  • There may be presence of proteins in blood leak from the kidney to your urine that leads to proteinuria.
  • For diagnosing preeclampsia, you need to monitor your blood pressure and check your urine for proteinuria.
  • Your urine sample must be collected within 24 hours to check for the amount of protein in it.
  • Blood checks are done to know your blood count, kidney functioning, liver and blood clotting.

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Make sure to get in touch with your doctor if you feel like vomiting, in case your vision gets blurred and if there is a general sick feeling for days. Do not neglect the symptoms and start appropriate treatment on time for a safe pregnancy.

Moms did you find the information helpful? Do share your experiences during pregnancy to help those inexperienced in the comment section below.

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