Top 25 Spring Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Color

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Picture This – Your kid steps outside and sees the world around turning green, feels the weather warming up and he is excited about shedding his winter coat – Yes, spring is here!

Spring is the happiest season and it well deserves to be so. Kids, especially, love spring a lot, and most parents plan their kids’ spring activities well in advance. So if you too are planning for your kid’s spring activities, you can add beautiful spring coloring pages to the list.

Top 10 Spring Coloring Pages:

Coloring is good for your kid’s motor skill and creative development. It makes for a great learning time too. Spring coloring sheets can actually help your kid learn more about the spring season. Here are top

10 spring coloring pages free printables:

1. Happy Spring:

Here is a perfect picture to start the coloring session with.

  • Blooming flowers, bright sun, chirping birds, happy rabbit and buzzing bees at work – this picture is more than perfect to tell your kid what spring really stands for.
  • Assist your kid in learning how to spell the word ‘spring’.
  • Your kid can use his imagination to color flowers, rabbit and other elements using his creativity.

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2. Welcome Spring:

Let us welcome spring with all our heart.

  • This picture can be a good option for your kid to learn coloring simple flowers. It is apt for toddlers.
  • While your child colors, you can tell him that we often use flowers to welcome others, similarly, Mother Nature too blooms her flowers to welcome spring.

3. Bees And Spring:

Teach your kid about the concept of pollination and bees’ role in it during spring.

  • The small beetles, flowers and cute little animated bees make the picture attractive for your kid to color. The broad outlines make it easier for young kids to color.
  • Bees are enormously important for human’s survival. Take this picture as a chance to explain the entire concept of food chain with pollination and bees’ crucial role in it.

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4. Rainbow Spring:

Spring and rainbows are inseparable. This picture will help your kid associate rainbow with spring.

  • Remind your kid about his preschool rhyme talking about spring and rainbow.
  • As your kid colors the rainbow, flower and sun, you can talk more about the seven colors of rainbow.

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5. A Day In Spring:

This picture perfectly depicts an ideal spring day out for kids.

  • This image can be a great way to showcase many spring activities at the same time.
  • The picture has young kids, farm animals, birds, blossoming tree flowers and sun. All these make this an excellent and easy way to understand spring activities.
  • It can help your kid learn to color multi-objects at the same time, opening up their imagination.

6. God Made Spring:

Here is wonderful picture which features animated flowers, plants, sun and others.

  • Use this picture to explain how nature works and how God is the one who made spring.
  • Your kid might need assistance in coloring few elements of this picture. Treat this as a great bonding activity.

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7. Ducks In Spring:

If your kid loves ducks, this one might excite him.

  • This cute picture with ducks, makes for a good coloring option.
  • The bright sunny day, blossoming flowers and ducks walking in a row is sure to appeal your kid’s creative side.

8. Donald In Spring:

This next picture is ideal for all Donald Duck lovers.

  • The baby Donald Duck looks really cute to catch your kid’s attention.
  • The happiness of baby Donald’s is sure to make your kid smile. Be prepared, you might have to feed him an apple after your kid color this page.

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9. Activities In Spring:

Spring is picnic time and kids love spring picnics.

  • This picture purely depicts the fun and frolic associated with spring picnic. It shows the boy curious to know what is in the basket and the girl playing with the dog.
  • Human figures can be little tricky while coloring, assist him when required.

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10. Let’s Color Spring:

The final picture is apt to end the session.

  • This picture will help your kid color multi-objects at the same time.
  • It promotes hand-eye coordination.
  • This picture will be nothing short of an adventure. He needs to color the picture as per instruction.
  • The ‘color-the-number’ concept always works wonders for kids.

These free printable spring coloring pages online incorporate a lot of educative information along with the fun it offers through coloring. It gives your kid an opportunity to know the spring season closely.

Tell us how your kid enjoyed coloring these spring coloring pictures. Share his work with us by commenting below.