4 Learning Activities For Your 18 Month Old Baby

18 month baby activities

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Now that your baby is nearing the ‘2 year mark’, you can see her developing plenty of skills. She talks and walks more, giving you trying times. You can start reading to your 18-month-old. Exposing your baby to learn something new is one of the most important things that you can do for her at this age.

While you may find it difficult to make her sit in a place, her activities will actually help her develop stronger eye-hand coordination, muscle control and build balance. Try incorporating learning activities along with the physical activities. She will seem more interested in what she is doing rather than listening to you.

Developments In Your 18 Months Old:

Your baby has now improved on her walking skill and seems to walk around casually. Let us have a closer look here:

  • Your baby will now try climbing up the chairs and side tables.
  • She will love moving up and down the stairs. She may not like your interference in this and rather climb the stairs independently.
  • She would be more interested in the slide in the playground.

4 Learning And Fun Activities For 18 Month Old Baby:

Your baby now learns studying your faces, expressions and eyes. Your 18 months old now starts learning while engaging in different activities. You are actually aiding her development by respecting her interests. Here are 4 interesting fun activities for 18 month old baby:

1. Toilet Training:

toilet training

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You must start with her potty training at this age, as it is right time to make this a good habit. Here is what you can do:

  • Ask her to sit in the potty when she wants to poo.
  • Make sure to keep her relaxed if she feels uncomfortable sitting on the potty.
  • Develop a routine, as this will make her more comfortable. Babies generally poo after their meals, so encourage her to poo in the potty, once she is done with her food.

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2. Engage Her In Conversations:

engage her in conversations

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You can engage her in conversations and ask about her likes and dislikes. This is what you can do:

  • You must listen to her innately.
  • Keep on responding like you understand every bit of what she is saying.
  • Make it a point to repeat back what she is saying. This will help inculcate good listening skills in her.
  • When you are speaking to her, make sure to speak in complete sentences.
  • You should help her in correct pronunciation and word order.
  • You can practice talking using the telephone. You will see your baby picking up the phone and asking you to start a conversation again. She will love this activity.
  • Clap and sing songs. You can see her singing along with you soon.

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3. Water Plays:

water plays

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Your 18-month-old will love to play with water. There are several 18 months old baby activities that you can engage her in:

  • You can make her bath time, a fun period. Put water in different types of containers that she will love to pour on her while bathing.
  • Make sure you are around her all the time while she is playing with water.
  • You can take her with you to swimming sessions. She will love splashing and playing with water.
  • Pool time of around 30 minutes will be enough. With this activity she may get tired and will enjoy her afternoon nap like never before.

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4. Painting On The Walls:

painting on the walls

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You can buy her some paint brushes and warm up her painting skills on the wall.

  • This amazing activity will keep her engaged for long.
  • It can be a wonderful indoor activity when it’s hot outside.
  • Your baby will communicate more with passage of every single day. Check what is in store for your little bundle of joy as she grows.

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Which one of these 18 month old baby activities is your favorite? Share your kid’s naughty activities and also write to us how you handled her by commenting below.

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