Top 10 Bible Verse Coloring Pages For Your Toddler


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Your child needs fodder for thought and activity, just like all the other kids of his or her age group. As a mother, you would definitely want to make sure that your kid utilizes time in a constructive manner. This can best be done through the medium of colors.

Coloring is not only fun but also a very interesting method of instruction. You can use interesting coloring sheets that are designed to help your kid learn something useful.

Your kid may find reading the Bible on a daily basis a tad too cumbersome. So how can you make sure that your kid learns the verses and doesn’t feel burdened by the process? It’s easy actually! Use these bible verse coloring sheets that off

er to teach your kid the verses through colors.

Top 10 Bible Verse Coloring Pages For Preschoolers:

Here are some interesting Bible verse coloring pages free for your reference and use:

1. The Jelly Bean Prayer:

This coloring page is effective in helping your kid learn Bible verses.

  • The verses are linked with colors. Each jelly bean needs to be filled in with the mentioned color
  • You then can teach the significance of each color according to the Bible to your kid to learn.

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2. Psalm 37.4:

Here is another verse coloring page that is going to intrigue your kid immensely.

  • The page contains the words of the psalm 37.4 from the Bible.
  • There is a boy and a girl accompanying the word off the psalm that your kid has to color. It is a great coloring page.

3. The Strength Of the Lord:

This coloring page offers another of the beautiful verses from the Bible.

  • The page features all the various elements of nature.
  • The verse is written in bold font that so that the letters can be filled in with colors. You can help your kid color each word in a different shade.

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4. Galatians 69:

This is another very beautiful coloring page with the verse that teaches to share.

  • The girl sitting with the basket of fruits has significance in context to the verse quoted in the picture.
  • Explain to your kid the significance as he colors this page.

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5. Matthew 22:37:

This Bible verse coloring page features one of the most popular verses from the scripture.

  • The page has a very interesting pattern which your kid can color up using various shades.
  • This way your kid can also learn the use of the right colors. The verse is right at the center of the design.

6. Prepare Like The Ant Does!

This coloring page features the ant and its habits.

  • The Bible has a lot of verses that instruct the reader to draw inspiration from this little creature.
  • This coloring page shows an ant carrying a big load ion its back. The verse is written along the outlines of the ant that your kid is sure to love reading.

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7. Proverb 6:6:

This coloring page is another of the ant related verses from the Bible.

  • The verse urges the reader to contemplate on the methods of the ant and learn from those methods.
  • Tell your kid about how ants work diligently so that he can connect to the verse.

8. The Candy Corn:

This coloring page features the famous candy corn acrostic.

  • Acrostics are a great way to help your kid learn and remember things.
  • This coloring page has the acrostic related to candy corn.

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9. Genesis:

This coloring page shows a part from the genesis portion of the bible.

  • This page has all the animals and forests, which makes for an interesting discussion.
  • The picture surrounds the verse that it signifies.

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10. Faith And Trust:

This coloring page features another of the verses from the Bible.

  • The words of the verse are written in block letters so that your kid can color up the letters.
  • It is a great way for your kid to learn the significance of trust in God.

We hope you find our collection of free printable bible verse coloring pages online useful in teaching your kid the verses from the Bible. We shall love to see you sharing your beautiful experiences on our bible verse pictures to color with us!