20 Best ‘Pete The Cat’ Coloring Pages For Your Little Ones


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Meet Pete – the cat who makes learning fun! Pete the Cat is a picture book illustrated by James Dean and written by Eric Litwin. This famous series is loved by almost all the kids.

If you are looking at introducing reading to your child, this book is just the right choice. It makes for a perfect option for beginner readers. Pete the Cat is fun to read and can be equally fun when introduced as a coloring activity.

When you get your child involved in activities related to a book or character, it helps register more information about the same in your child’s brain easily. So here is a fun activity for your little one – Pete the Cat Coloring Pages!

Top 10 Pete The Cat Coloring Pages For Kid

Pete the Cat is a cute character and he makes learning quite fun. What really makes Pete the Cat book fun is the fact that it talks about things that most kids can learn from and relate to. Check out 10 amazing pete the cat coloring sheets:

1. Pete With His Magic Sunglasses:

This first picture is just perfect to get things started with.

  • This coloring page is from the chapter ‘Pete the Cat And His Magic Sunglasses’
  • Read the story to your child while he colors this picture.
  • This picture can get your kid excited about magic sunglasses and remind him about how Pete takes up the positive outlook even on a grumpy day.

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2. Pete the Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons:

The second picture is from Pete the Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons.

  • This picture can be a good way of teaching your child about how things beyond our control should never be worried about.
  • Your child will enjoy coloring Pete’s four groovy buttons.
  • Once again, use this opportunity to read out the story to your child.

3. Pete Rocking In His School Shoes:

Pete loves singing and this picture shows just that.

  • This picture is from the book Pete the Cat Rocking In His School Shoes.
  • Pete gets new school shoes that he loves.
  • This book shows him exploring library, lunch room, playground and many other cool places inside his school.
  • While your child enjoys coloring this page, you can sing the song that Pete sings along.

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4. Pete Loves His White Shoes:

This pete the cat coloring picture shows Pete wearing his favorite white shoes.

  • This story teaches kids about different foods and their colors.
  • It also teaches your child about the different colors that Pete’s shoes change into.
  • This picture is lovely for teaching Pete’s basic appearance to your child.

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5. Guess Pete’s Groovy Buttons:

This next picture can be a good coloring and memory activity for your child.

  • First ask your child how many groovy buttons Pete the Cat has.
  • When your child answers, you can ask him to write the number in the blank space given on the page.
  • What makes this page fun is the fact that your child gets to draw Pete’s groovy buttons himself.

6. Pete Spreads The Positivity:

Pete spreads his positivity that he discovers with his sunglasses to his friends.

  • This picture can be fun to color because of Pete the Cat, frog, mushrooms and of course Pete’s magic sunglasses.
  • This story teaches kids to look beyond negativity and that being grumpy helps in no way.
  • The picture has a sketch effect which makes it more appealing.

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7. Pete The Cat Saves Christmas:

The next picture is from the chapter ‘Pete The cat: Saves Christmas’.

  • This fun story shows Santa falling ill just an evening before Christmas.
  • Under such circumstances Santa calls Pete and he is happy to help.
  • This picture can be fun because it has gifts.
  • It also builds in the excitement of Christmas in your child and teaches him the virtue of helping others.

8. Help Pete:

This picture is a follow-on activity of Pete the Cat And His Four Groovy Buttons.

  • Help your child trace the buttons back.
  • It can challenge your child’s thinking abilities and develop his motor skills too.

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9. Pete The Cat – Craftivity:

This next picture is more like a craft-activity for your child.

  • It combines the goodness of coloring and craft together.
  • Your child will enjoy coloring Pete the Cat in different parts.
  • Once he has colored the page, you can ask your child to cut different parts and paste them together on a board to make Pete the Cat.

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10. Pete Sings Goodbye:

The last picture is perfect to bid goodbye.

  • It shows Pete the Cat doing one of his favourite activities – singing.
  • It is a basic picture and you can use this picture to discuss about Pete the cat’s other good habits with your child.
  • You can also share few insights about musical instruments with your kid while he enjoys humming Pete’s song.

Pete the Cat is really popular with young children. So it only makes sense to capitalize on this popularity and teach academic skills and virtues to your child through these coloring pages.

These free printable pete the cat coloring pages online will make for a fun activity and will also provoke reading interest in your child. And above all, it will bring your child closer to his loved character Pete the Cat. Share the fun coloring moments with your child in the section below.